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Hoop-Dance for Seniors

Guaranteed to Make YOU Smile 🙂

Hula hooping is a fun, uplifting way to exercise. It helps move stagnant energy and can improve health and wellbeing… Increase coordination, flexibility, confidence and motivation. Rejuvenate yourself in a supportive and safe space. Great for anyone exploring natural ways to manage pain.

** 6 week beginners course (every Tuesday for 6 weeks).

Date: 29 Oct – 3 Dec

Time & Venue:
– Burrum Heads Community Hall, 45 Howard St, Burrum Heads – 5 – 6pm.

$80 for 6 class-pass
Hoops provided (also available to buy)

6 week course - Purchase Here!


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Frequently asked questions:

Question: Do I need to know how to hoop?

Answer: No. It is a beginners course so you will start at the beginning.

Question: Do I need to know how to dance?

Answer: No. You don’t need to know how to dance. In the beginners course you will learn various tricks and transitions to help you flow with the hoop.

Question: What is age limit?

Answer: 50+  However, there is a special circumstance – if you’re genuinely living with chronic pain and looking for an alternative way to manage the pain, then 40+ is accepted. Though you must connect with us to discuss your circumstances prior to booking any beginners course.

Question: Can I pay casually for a course?

Answer: I get this question all the time… No – a course is a ‘course’. You pay upfront to commit to course – there are limited spaces, so this also secures your space for entire course.  It’s in your best interest to ensure you are able to attend all classes. If you miss any class, you will miss some important techniques and may find yourself struggling to keep up. Refunds will not be given,

Question: Do I need a hoop?

Answer: No. Hoops are supplied for all Beginners Courses.

Question: Can I buy a hoop?

Answer: Yes. I make them personally, so you can buy them through me (allow a week for delivery)…    $30 for 2 colours. $35 for 3 colours.

Question: What happens after I finish the beginner course?

Answer:  Once you’ve completed the entire beginners course, you are welcome to join our regular ‘intermediate’ class (currently only at Burrum Heads on a Tuesday afternoon 3.30 – 4.30pm). Where you can then pay as you go 🙂

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