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Discover your true inner power and go beyond the daily grind with

Annemarie’s recently released guided meditations. Listen to her words of wisdom, accompanied with a gentle soundtrack to take you into a restful
but aware state.

Whether you are at work, at home or in the car, this ‘energy medicine’ is healing for your mind, heart and soul.

We each have ‘stuff’ we often prefer to keep hidden deep inside, that we may struggle to deal with.  Using these carefully thought out commentaries, you will soon discover what’s holding you back from everything you most deserve in life. Discover truth. Discover self love. Discover peace.


Peace, Power and You, a spiritual ABC for living beyond stress is all about self love and self care. It shows you how to reclaim your power to enjoy a life of peace, happiness and personal success. This treasure map of empowerment has been written in an easy to digest ABC format to help you better deal with stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. It helps you take control of your life by sharing practical tools, simple concepts and achievable exercises.

Reviews ~

“This book is a guide to life. I think several people should be required to read this book at least once. Teachers, emotional teenagers, employers, employees, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbours, politicians etc…” (Troy – Goodreads)

“Annemarie gets to the very heart and soul of what it is to be human and searching for ways to make this life the very best it can be. She writes with love, grace and humility. A wonderful book to refer to often through life’s eventful journey” (Julia – Amazon)

“I don’t generally read spiritual books but this one calls out to everyone! It’s simple, practical and straight to the point. A creative touch to use many ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ words in the relevant chapters, it kept the topic of ‘self change’ interesting, without losing it’s message. Very clever!” (Barry)

Excerpt ~


Did you know that your attitude creates a vibration and this vibration creates the atmosphere? Regardless what we say or do, our attitude reveals how we really feel about anything. So it pays to know our own attitude because contradicting our authentic self causes anger and pain. Self awareness nourishes acceptance and appreciation. It sustains all-inclusive love and creates an attitude of gratitude and positivity. It allows me to adapt and accommodate the needs of others, without compromising my own value. It can also alleviate anger, angst or anxiety about any situation! When we resist life or deny our own power, anger and anxiety can grip hold of us in a second. It stops us from asserting our greater potential. If I don’t pay attention I will be at-tension, I will lose my power and stress will increase. Stress is the number one assassin in the world (no wonder it’s called the ‘silent killer’!)……


Today, there are many types of meditation; find one that works for you. Meditation’s gentle message speaks volumes in that the search for peace and love ends with me, the one in the mirror. So if you’re looking for ways to mend any type of pain, start meditating today. Start mentally decluttering. Don’t wait till you’re miffed with life or hit with mental mania. Regular meditation maintains inner calm, even when surrounded by stress, anger or fear. It reduces blood pressure, acidity in the body and helps prevent melt downs! Healthy nutrition is not just about the food our bodies digest, but about the thoughts we create in our mind and the beliefs we absorb in our hearts. Become the controller of your own diet, both physically and mentally……


~ Reclaim your power to unleash love and self acceptance.

~ Re-discover your irrepressible core.

~ Take the reins and create your own path.

Will to Wonder: 21 Jewels of knowledge – principles on the loss and recovery of Power, shares 21 simple steps to recover and reclaim your Power

Endorsements ~

“This is a beautiful collection of enlightening essays with many insights into the truth of power. Take your time, savor every chapter, allow yourself to see the connections between all these ‘powers’ and to experiment and practice them in your life. Only then will the treasures stored in these pages reveal their true value. Only then will you be sure to have many profound realisations about how to live your life more willingly and wonderfully.” (Mike George – The 7 Myths About LOVE.Actually!)

“Will to Wonder is beautifully written and very well presented. It is truly a labour of love.” (Charles Hogg, Director of Brahma Kumaris Aust)

Readers ~

“Recommend this book – simple, practical, truthful – changed my perspective of life” (David, Mental Health Worker)

“Such a lovely book, simple to read. Each time I look for it, I know I can find it on my daughter’s bedside table” (Sonya, Librarian)

Excerpt ~

‘By packing up any wasteful or destructive thought, you take the reins! … Do you travel light and easy, or struggle with excess baggage? We often get bombarded by defeating thoughts — realising the implications of where my thoughts lead me, I want the ability to instantly clear any negativity that clutters my mind. Exercising your Power to Pack Up means applying a complete full stop (a firm brake) to control and direct your thoughts, giving you controlling Power. It means to travel light, to fly. When you do not entertain any limiting thoughts or carry around outlived situations, you won’t be burdened or influenced by what is going on around you. Being economical with your mind creates Power to remain positive and view the world as beautiful and unlimited.

Have you ever noticed how much ‘stuff’ we carry around with us? I remember waiting to board an airplane when returning from a trip to India. There was lots of chaos and noise while I sat quietly observing. I had just visited Madhuban …’