~ Testimonials ~

Hi Annemarie,    I don’t profess to know how it all works, but after having my neck “issue” appear to get worse as Saturday wore on,  I woke on Sunday and it was virtually all “fixed”!!!    It hardly hurt at all, in fact almost not at all and I was continually amazed that it  felt so good after feeling so painful on Saturday.  And today it has continued to be pain-free.  So from the bottom of my heart,

Leanne L

Heaven sent me an Angel – and her name is Annemarie …….

Susan C

My first experience of Bowen with Annemarie was totally mind blowing.  My experience was of light radiating from all over my body and such a  feeling of overpowering relief.  I felt tingling in my hands, feet, limbs & head, this too was a wonderful feeling of incredible calm….  My neck was troubling me, it would lock and then crack when moving.  Annemarie worked on this and I saw marked improvements….    I had been under a lot of stress and did not have a regular cycle.  Through wonderful Bowen, Annemarie helped me to begin an outpouring…    I had almost immediate relief.   Thank you Annemarie for your time and for sharing your wonderful gift of Bowen with me.   Very grateful,

Jo M

I have been coming to Annemarie on a regular basis for 2 years and always look forward to it.  She has helped me on many occasions – I have recommended many friends and relatives who have also been impressed by her treatments.  She always gives you her time and never rushes you.  Her ability to understand & combine the mind/body/spirit connection is amazing and is happy to share that knowledge without any pressure.   Thanks

Danni  K