Workplace Wellbeing

Creating harmony at work through promoting self worth and self care

WorkPlace Wellbeing is all about self awareness. Invite Annemarie for an informative Values based workshop to strengthen team spirit and co-operation. She shares practical tips and tools to help Organisations create nurturing and empowering work environments, to prevent and manage stress, anxiety, depression and presenteeism, thus increasing productivity.

Our body is a very honest living instrument. It naturally shows us when we are not caring for ourselves as much as we would like to think we are. Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, headaches, exhaustion, anger, burnout, poor sleep, poor decision making are just some ways our bodies prompt us to pay attention to our own level of care. Sadly we rarely listen!

When we consider that our quality of life, our motivation and productivity, our relationships and connection with others is only equal to our own attitude and choices, self-care becomes obvious and fundamental.

This program is dedicated to improving wellbeing at work and promotes self awareness as a means to create healthier choices, that lead to healthier teams. it highlights the importance of overall wellbeing and explores ways to integrate self-care into all areas of work / life.

Topic: Taking care of the self; Defining and exploring self-care at work; Identifying stress triggers; Steps to reduce conflict, anxiety and depression; Redefining priorities based on own highest virtues.

Objective: Prevent and manage stress; Know how to take care of the self – from the inside; Recognise and change thoughts, language and behaviour that disempowers; Identify beliefs and habits that sabotage and block smooth outcomes; Learn to communicate effectively and respond to work situations in a calm manner; Ability to use own inner resources as practical tools to improve productivity.

Method: Experiential (interactive, practical) workshop; Self reflection; Group exercises and dialogue; Gentle physical exercise; Breathing techniques

Duration: half day workshop

Participants Comments

“Brilliant, Refreshing, Stimulating – wonderfully presented – Thanks” Bev Mitchell, Team Leader

“Clarity & motivation, very inspirational – thank you” Linda Yuill, Registered Nurse, BlueCare Community Services

“Awareness of self & others, a sense of achievement.” Leonie Pringle, Manager SCFNA